Angelo Ripoli played for about twenty years the work of the vegetable gardener of Prof. Ancel Keys and his wife Margaret Haney, Jeremiah Stamler and Martti Karvonen to Minelea, the small village of houses founded by Keys in Pioppi, in Cilento . His personal and constant attendance of the doctors of the Seven Countries Study, which led to the discovery of the benefits of diet and lifedata-style Mediterranean said, makes it one of the key witnesses for the preservation of the memory of the presence of Keys and his colleagues in Italy. Through the memories of Angelo Ripoli, which are complemented by those of Delia Morinelli, cook and housekeeper of the brim home, they can trace the uses, habits and attendance with the community of Pioppi by scientists. For the first time on video, Angelo Ripoli lets go to the memories and nostalgia of the past, remembering especially Ancel Keys with affection and devotion still unchanged.

Document by: MedEatResearch Centro di Ricerche Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea, diretto da Marino Niola ed Elisabetta Moro, intervista,scheda tecnica a cura di Valerio Calabrese, Daniela Palma, Donatella Valente, sottotitoli a cura di Daniela Palma
Video by: Valerio Calabrese, Daniela Palma, Donatella Valente, Daniela Palma
Created: 05-08-0016
Angelo Ripoli

Angelo Ripoli

Year: 01-09-1929
City: Polica
Languages: Dialetto cilentano

Video table of contents

- 00:05 The memory of Ancel Keys
- 03:16 The Keys vegetables
- 03:36 Keys and Cilento
- 05:31 The tragedy of his daughter
- 06:16 The House of Keys today
- 07:00 The greenhouse Minnelea
- 07:25 The memory of Stamler
- 09:00 Photos and family memories
- 15:00 Other memories

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Pollica
District: SA

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