Francesco Scala is a farmer in Avellino territory who thought of creating a new method of vinification, to make the “tasty wine”. The stranded wine consists in overlapping leaves of fruit on the must just worked, so to keep it always wet. Covered the whole with an insulating mat, marine sand is then superimposed, so that the wine keeps its gradation intact. After the rest period, the wine is put in carboys, where in three twenty­day cycles, is decanted, and in March, the time when the moon is waning, is bottled. Francesco is eighty now, he continues to produce wine for himself and his family in this way.

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Video by: Maria Della Pietra
Created: 08-02-2017
Francesco Scala

Francesco Scala

Date of birth: 26-06-1935
City: Quindici, Avellino
School: Junior High or Middle School
Profession: Farmer
Languages: Italiano, Dialetto lauretano

Video table of contents

- 00:00 The stranded wine flavors and productive differences*
- 00:57 Productive process
- 01:29 pressing
- 02:17 Motivation stranded treatment
- 04:23 Winemaking stranded
- 05:59 Fermentation
- 06:53 Posatura
- 11:45 Bottling
- 12:05 Wine stranded finished condition

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Avellino
Locality: Lauro

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