Isa Danieli was born in Naples on the 13th of March ,1937. She followed in their parents’ footsteps (her mother Rosa Moretti, was a singer, and his father, Renato Di Napoli, was an actor); she calls herself the daughter of love. As a child she was forced to live in a boarding school during the war, where the worst memory concerned the well-known American peas powder.When she was only 15 she left the school to start the acting career; that is how her success escalation began, which continues today. She is nowadays very appreciated as an actress in the Country. In theatre, she played with Eduardo De Filippo, her mentor, who made her theatrical career start; she remember various stories from him, like the one about the “row pasta” eaten on stage during a play. She also worked on TV, in some Eduardo’s dramas and in fictions like the one titled “Capri”, where she played a cook who was really famous for her secret fish soup recipe.

Document by: Centro di Studi Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea dell’Università di Napoli SOB diretto da Marino Niola, Tiziana Simonelli, Marzia Mauriello, Rossella Galletti
Video by: Roberta Campassi, Mariaelena Assante, Vitale Cerrone
Created: 30-05-2012
Isa Danieli

Isa Danieli

Year: 1937
Profession: Artist
Languages: Italiano, napoletano

Video table of contents

- 00:09 Childhood memories: the cream peas
- 04:12 Pasta and potatoes
- 05:58 First theatre memories: Sabato Domenica e Lunedì by Eduardo De Filippo
- 06:41 A story on stage: the “row pasta”
- 09:14 Reginella’s authentic fish soup
- 12:17 Pasta, bread and National Unity
- 12:52 Pizza, the symbol of Naples
- 13:31 Neapolitan traditions

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Napoli
District: NA
Locality: San Ferdinando
Altitude: 17m s.l.m.

Links and attachements

Eduardo De Filippo, “Sabato, Domenica e Lunedì”, 1959

Eduardo De Filippo, “A povere ‘e pisielle” in "Industrie di guerra", 1945-48