Jeremiah Stamler was born in New York, on October 1919. In 1943 he graduated as Medical Doctor. In 1948 he specialized in cardiovascular field. He made very important works, which brought him to the publication of the monography “Experimental Atherosclerosis”, published in 1953. He met Ancel Keys in 1962, when he went to Mexico City to partecipate to an edition of the “World Congress of Cardiology”, where he had to present his epidemiological studies on plasma cholesterol levels on white and black men and women. He joined a Research Commitee of “World Heart Federation”, in cooperation with Professor Keys. In New Delhi four years later, during the works for the next edition of the “World Congress of Cardiology”, he had to create, along with Ancel Keys, a council about epidemiology and prevention. 

Document by: diretto da Marino Niola, Centro di Studi Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea dell’Università di Napoli SOB, intervista di Elisabetta Moro, autori scheda tecnica Dario Cerbone e Giulia Origlia, sottotitoli a cura di Davide Mancini
Video by: Davide Mancini
Created: 30-01-2014
Jeremiah Stamler

Jeremiah Stamler

Date of birth: 27-10-1919
City: New York
School: University
Profession: Farmer
Languages: Inglese

Video table of contents

- 00:08 The encounter between Keys and Stamler
- 02:21 The connection between food and heart
- 03:19 Salt as risk factor
- 03:58 The enemies of the research
- 04:38 Italy in the Sixties
- 05:34 The Modern Mediterranean Diet
- 08:55 The true ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet
- 09:51 The Mediterranean Diet in the USA
- 10:55 The pleasure of food in a healthy diet
- 12:14 The speech at the UNESCO in 2009
- 13:02 Michelle Obama's contribuition
- 13:18 The "Stamler vs Willis" case
- 15:51 The importance of the Public Health
- 16:46 Both emotions and intelligence in the research

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Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Pollica
District: SA
Suburb: Pioppi
Altitude: 10m s.l.m.

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