Maria Antonietta Moffa manages the holiday farm “Masseria Pasqualone” located on the boundary that separates Campania and Molise; not far from Mazzocca Wood of Riccia, the holiday farmis surrounded by the country side. Mrs. Moffa mainly cultivates cereals by using organic fertilizer. The owner, with particular attention to tradition, cultivates the “Agostinella”, a particular cereal used to prepare polenta, parrozzi and very special cookies. Among the cultivates products there are also soft fruits, quince and apples and black cherries for excellent jams and delicious elixirs. Here you can only find products cultivated into the lands of the farm.

Document by: Maria Scarinzi, MedEatResearch-Centro di Ricerche Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea, diretto da Marino Niola
Interview by: Mario De Tommasi, Luigi Giova, Maria Scarinzi
Video by: Mario De Tommasi, Luigi Giova, Maria Scarinzi
Created: 09-03-2014
Maria Antonietta Moffa

Maria Antonietta Moffa

Year: 24/02/1966
City: Riccia
School: Secondary school
Profession: Farmer
Languages: Italiano

Video table of contents

- 00.12 Farming
- 00.52 Granaries of memory
- 01.21 Coming back to farms
- 04.00 The cultivation of disappearing products
- 04.40 The Agostinella
- 05.50 Farmers pay
- 07.00 Genuine and biological
- 08.40 Food as sharing with others
- 09.20 Parrozzo
- 10.30 The pigs and liver sausage
- 11.07 St. Joseph day and the sfogliatella of Riccia
- 14.30 Mediterranean Diet
- 14.45 Granaries of memory

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Colle Sannita
District: Benevento
Altitude: 729m s.l.m.

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