Pasquale Scialò is a Neapolitan composer and musicologist who teaches Pedagogy of Music at the conservatory of Salerno “G. Martucci”, Ethnomusicology and History of Music at the University of Naples “Suor Orsola Benincasa”. He produces music for theatre, cinema, television. He tells us about his relationship with the gastronomic tradition and he defines it as strong but transformative, given its passion for innovation in the kitchen. An example for all, the octopus ragout and, in general, all the “maritime” versions of traditional meat dishes. The analogies between the gastronomic and the music traditions are so many and surprising, since both of them are very strong in the Neapolitan culture. From the “times” of cooking to the “intensity” of a dish, the analogy with music is evident. And not only with music. The composer remembers the “sounds” of his childhood especially related to the kitchen and the preparation of food. An acoustics of food that he defines as “sound atmosphere”.

Document by: Marzia Mauriello, MedEatResearch-Centro di Ricerche Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea, diretto da Marino Niola, intervista di Marzia Mauriello, sottotitoli a cura di Maria Funiciello
Video by: Davide Mancini
Created: 04-04-2013
Pasquale Scialò

Pasquale Scialò

Date of birth: 21-05-1953
City: Napoli
Profession: Artist
Languages: Italiano

Video table of contents

- 00:07 The acoustics of food
- 02:17 Food memories
- 03:39 Food contaminations
- 05:01 Food between tradition and innovation
- 08:06 Food and music a Napoli
- 12:30 Sfogliatella & co. in the neapolitan music repertoire
- 14:50 The acoustics of food
- 16:10 I posteggiatori
- 18:45 Seafood recipes
- 19:23 Multisensory in the kitchen
- 21:16 Distinctive foods

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Napoli
District: NA
Altitude: 17m s.l.m.

Links and attachements


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Lontano in fondo agli occhi

(musiche)  Anno: 1999