Aniello Striano and Sylvester are two brothers originally from Herculaneum, professional fishermen from Generations. Thanks to Their testimony we were able to retrace, some Fundamentals Of that That was the life of an edge of the family boat: New Santa Maria Goretti.

In the interview, The Two Brothers, with the intervention of the wife of Sylvester, tell us the SPECIFICATIONS “culture” of the fishing trawler with problems and Daily rewards, which are revealed here by those who, day after day, he lived SAME with serenity and determination, Satisfied with his life and that the IOC has reserved.

Document by: Di MedEatResearch – Centro di Ricerche Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea, diretto da Marino Niola ed Elisabetta Moro, intervista di Francesca Maria Acampora, scheda tecnica a cura di Francesca Maria Acampora
Video by: Video a cura di Francesca Maria Acampora
Created: 28-06-2016
Silvestro Striano

Silvestro Striano

Date of birth: 07-09-1938
City: Ercolano
Scuola: Junior High or Middle School
Languages: Italiano, Napoletano

Aniello Striano

Aniello Striano

Date of birth: 08-11-1952
City: Ercolano
School: Junior High or Middle School
Languages: Italiano, napoletano

Rosa Acampora

Rosa Acampora

Date of birth: 25-04-1945
City: Ercolano
Scuola: Junior High or Middle School
Languages: Italiano, Napoletano

Video table of contents

- 00:34 What is Mediterranean fish and how the trawling fishing
- 01:24 the differences in depth according to the type of fishing
- 04:43 the process: immersion of the network to the positioning of the fish in boxes. Only octopus and lobsters could be kept alive
- 05:41 breaking and network change during navigation
- 08:08 roles and tasks in our crew
- 10:38 overnight and the goals that you could reach
- 12:37 rites and mysteries board: dolphins encourage and increase the abundance of fish
- 13:37 power on board: vices and sailors preferences
- 14:57 foods and memory plates
- 16:17 the risks of the job
- 17:41 The memories of family summers fishing for lombrini
- 19:22 The navigation timetables and factors that could influence
- 21:00 The Pros and Cons of the craft: Even the inconvenience CAN happen, "we lost HAVE A boat"
- 21:45 "Distinguish the quality of the fish is part of our culture"
- 22:33 Behind the scenes: rosette aunt took care of the food for the Embarkation
- 23:05 But how do you prepare the stuffed squid?
- 23:38 women on board were not seen, but from home took care of the creation of networks for sailors
- 24:41 The best memories: The opening of the bag by savaris and the first Fishing for love

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
City: Ercolano

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